Knee Surgery

Knee Surgery

Total knee replacement

Total knee replacement

X rays and a clinical picture of the right knee showing severe osteoarthritis.

Total knee replacement1

X- ray taken just after the operation and the pictures showing patient standing and knee bending to 100 degrees at just 5 weeks.

Revision knee replacement
Example 1

Revision knee replacement1

Previous total knee replacement performed 20 years ago with loose components

Revision knee replacement2

X ray taken after revision total knee replacement

Example 2

Revision knee replacement3

Loosening of previous total knee replacement

Revision knee replacement4

After revision total knee replacements

Unicondylar (Oxford) knee replacement- partial knee replacement


X ray of the knee showing isolated arthritis of the inner half of the knee joint


X ray taken after partial knee replacement (Oxford)

Patellar replacement (Knee cap)

Patellar replacement

Severe isolated arthritis under the knee cap (Patello-femoral joint)

Patellar replacement1

Following a patello-femoral joint resurfacing