Computer Aided Navigation

Computer Aided Navigation

Computer aided surgery helps the surgeon to perform various steps of a joint replacement surgery more accurately. While performing a joint replacement surgery, precise measurements of the various axis and angles are crucial for the optimum functioning and the longevity of the artificial joints. These minute measurements and calculations are not always possible to perform accurately by eye balling alone. It has been shown by various scientific studies that computer aided surgery helps in positioning the artificial joints more accurately. Currently all over the world, even though most of the joint replacements are done satisfactorily without computer aided navigation, in some of the difficult cases computer navigation has distinct advantages.


Schematic representation of operation theatre setup during a computer aided knee replacement.

Computers are most commonly used for knee replacements. In few centres they have also been used for hip replacements and hip resurfacings. They have been used occasionally in fracture fixation surgery.

Snap shot from a computer showing various angles while a knee replacement is being positioned.