Keyhole ACL Surgery To Cure The Sports Injury

Dr. Narayan Hulse


A budding doctor from Beijing, was on a holiday and while traveling he accidentally landed over a stone in a very awkward position. He heard a pop sound as soon as he landed over the stone, thinking that it was a fracture. After a week, when his swelling reduced he went for an MRI. The result stated that he had an ACL or the Liagement of the right leg was broken.


The patient was diagnosed with an ACL injury and these injuries are very common ligament injuries. This happens mainly due to sports injury. It is quite common in the western countries. The patient had a major injury and was advised to do Arthroscopic or Keyhole reconstruction of the ligament. These ligaments are constructed by using our own body tissue called hamstring or tendon grafts. The patient chose a Hamstring procedure for the surgery. It is a simple procedure under anesthesia. Arthroscopy is a Keyhole surgery which is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that is used by surgeons to examine any form of joint in the body. Keyhole surgery is a safe and low risk procedure. The whole procedure is not much time taking and usually the surgeries are performed within a day. For the surgical procedure, two small incisions are made on either side of the affected area.

Through one of the punctured holes a surgical instrument is passed and through another hole an arthroscope is passed. (Arthroscope is a thin flexible tube with a light and a camera; an image is projected on the monitor so that the specialist doctor can see the clear image of the affected part).

It is a common procedure with a good success rate.Its used commonly for the diagnosis of knee ailments but it has been known to identify and treat the problem during the same procedure.


The patient was there in the hospital for a day as it is an intermediate surgery. He recovered within a month and returned back to his normal life. He could walk fast and run and practice sports such as Cricket and football now.

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