Mrs. Lesley Cullen travelled all the way from Derby, UK, to find the best robotic joint replacement surgeon in Bangalore, India

Dr. Reetha Mishra, A Famous Gynecologist | Mako Robotic Total Knee Replacement

66-Yr. Old Mom From Africa Gets Successful Mako Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery
Mr. Vishweshwar Bhat on his experience with Dr. Narayan Hulse
Mrs. Roopa D IPS on her experience with Dr. Narayan Hulse

Both Knee replacements – Dr Narayan Hulse
Knee replacement for a Vice-Chancellor

K mt-0nee replacement for a Surgeon and Professor of ENT
Knee replacement for a Gynaecologist and professor
Knee replacement for a Senior Rheumatologist
Knee replacement for a Anaesthetist and HOD
Young Doctor-ACL Sports injury

Total hip replacement in a young pharmacist
Husband actually carried her for about 5 years before surgery
Rheumatoid knee replacement both knee
Knee Replacement Surgery Recovery of Ms. Pamala from USA
Computer aided knee replacement
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